Prabangūs Plunksnakočiai

Aukštos kokybės Parker ar Waterman plunksnakočiai su Jūsų logotipu. Parkeriai yra klasikinė prabangi dovana svarbiems klientams ar vadovams.

Prabangūs plunksnakočiai yra solidi dovana tiems, kuriuos vertinate. Plunksnakočiai gali būti pakuojami į dovanų dėžutes.

Greita gamyba užtikrinant spaudos ar graviravimo kokybę.

Prabangūs Plunksnakočiai

Lucetta recycled aluminium fountain pen

6,93 €
Fountain pen with a recycled aluminium barrel with matte black coating and a black recycled aluminium grip. Aluminium is a recyclable material and by choosing this pen, you can support more sustainable practices and give new life to discarded aluminium materials. This stylish fountain pen serves as a practical and more sustainable option for individuals...
Prabangūs Plunksnakočiai

IM fountain pen

35,58 €
The Parker IM is an ideal partner with unlimited potential. The sleek tapered shape pairs seamlessly with innovative designs to make a striking statement. The finish trims compliment the body, making this Parker pen the perfect writing instrument for students and professionals. The nib is made from durable stainless steel and shaped to provide the optimal...
Prabangūs Plunksnakočiai

Plunksnakočiai Parker IM

49,39 €
Plunksnakotis tikriems savo srities profesionalams - Parker. Puiki, aukšta kokybė. Idealus partneris, turintis neribotą potencialą.
Prabangūs Plunksnakočiai

Parker IM fountain pen

58,76 €
Highly professional and reliable. An ideal partner with unlimited potential, Parker IM is all at once smart, polished and established. With a durable stainless steel nib and finishes that echo the Parker legacy, every detail of this fountain pen is refined to deliver a writing experience that is always dependable. Includes a Parker gift box. Delivered...
Prabangūs Plunksnakočiai

Ingenuity Parker 5th

191,93 €
Combining breakthrough innovation and daring style. Parker Ingenuity is Parker’s pioneer. Using the unique patented 5th technology, it instantly adapts to every unique handwriting style to deliver an effortlessly smooth writing experience. Incl. Parker gift box. Delivered with one 5th cartridge. Exclusive design. Metal.


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