Hard candy "Juice" with logo
    Hard candy "Juice" with logo
    Hard candy "Juice" with logo
    Hard candy "Juice" with logo
    Hard candy "Juice" with logo

    Hard candy "Juice" with logo

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    Hard candy "Juice" with logo is probably many people's favorite. It also contributes to the company's image and prestige. How to use hard candy "Juice" with a logo ? Place a vase with candies in the reception area. Such a move will create a reputation of generosity in customers' eyes. A bunch of branded candies in cardboard, tin, or plastic packaging are excellent presents for unique visitors, meaning respect and appreciation. Hard candies "Juice" with logo are suitable for any exhibition, holiday, corporate event, or advertising campaign. And even in everyday office life: caramel with a company logo in the restroom will help employees feel the corporate spirit. We offer full-color printing on one side. The other side is transparent, 100% recyclable monofoil. Provide your materials, and we will develop the design layout for free. Our company offers the best flavors of classic hard candies from fruit mix, barberry, and menthol! Everyone’s favorite treats will become an excellent advertising medium.

    Papildoma informacija

    Svoris (gr.)
    6,5 g
    52 х 44 mm
    Type of packaging
    fruit mix, barberry, menthol
    Print options
    full color
    100% recyclable foil
    Lead time
    7 days
    Shelf life
    12 months
    free layout design based on your materials
    500 pcs

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