Tea pack 50 g
    Tea pack 50 g

    Tea pack 50 g

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    Branded tea is a convenient and effective promotion tool. A souvenir tea pack 50 g will be a great gift for colleagues, business partners, and customers. It can be offered at any mass event, not only in offices. This will significantly expand the reach of the target audience and draw attention to your brand. The packaging of aromatic tea, colorful and bright, with the logo of your company and good wishes, will be an excellent Christmas gift. Corporate gifts with tea packs 50 g are appropriate for any holiday and contribute to spreading information. Each tea portion is packed in a separate cardboard package with your corporate logo, color, and font. We offer full-color printing on cardboard and designing layouts for free. You can order 50 or more packs and use them for the office and events without much expense. Choose between black and green or flavored. Tea has a mild taste and is perfectly perceived by people of different sexes and ages. If the addressee's taste preferences are unknown, then choosing branded tea packs 50 g is worth it.

    Papildoma informacija

    Svoris (gr.)
    50 g
    85 х 50 х 167 mm
    Type of packaging
    black, green
    Print options
    full color
    cardboard 230 g
    Lead time
    14 days
    Shelf life
    24 months
    free layout design based on your materials
    50 pcs

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