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Pikniko Aksesuarai

Epsy Pure 3-in-1 spoon, fork and knife

A combined fork and spook with serrated cutting edge. Contains Biomaster antimicrobial technology which provides protection against the growth of harmful micro-organisms on the surface of the item. This is effective for the lifetime of the product. Made in the UK.
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BBQ grill cleaner wit 3 accessories.
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Mechanic air blower for BBQ.
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Met BBQ thermomether

BBQ thermometer with measure ranges in both ℃ and ℉. Mechanical induction can be directly and accurately measured in the oil pan, when frying, or for barbecue temperature control. The durable, stainless-steel casing provides strength and corrosion resistance. Easy to use and easy to clean.
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Oley oil spray

Oil spray container for cooking or baking made of stainless steel and glass. It has a large press button, making it easy to control the dosage.
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3 pc stainless steel BBQ set (fork, shovel and clip) with zipped, nylon carry bag.
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Wells digital fork with thermometer

Cook your meat to the right tenderness. Fork thermometer includes settings for various types of meat, to be cooked well done, medium, medium rare and rare. Temperature can be set to Fahrenheit or Celsius. Including hanging loop for easy storage. 2x AAA batteries not included. Presented in a Seasons gift box.
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Noyack grilling mitt

Noyack grilling mitt. The mitts long length make it perfect for cooking items on the grill. The silicone exterior protects your hand when taking hot pots or pans out of the oven. Withstands heats up to 204°C/400°F. Exclusive design. Cotton, Silicone.
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Grill BBQ prijuostė su kišene

Grill BBQ prijuostė su kišene Ši prijuostė leidžia lengvai pasiekti jūsų kepsnių įrankius. Turi termiškai izoliuotą kišenę, skirtą gėrimų buteliams laikyti šaltai, nuimamą butelių atidarytuvą, paminkštintą orkaitės kumštinę pirštinę ir rankšluosčių kilpą, taip pat dvi priekines kišenes kitoms pagrindinėms kepsnių reikmėms laikyti. 600D poliesteris,...
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5 in 1 folding BBQ multi tool in stainless steel with wooden handle. With spatula, fork, brush, bottle opener and corkscrew. Separates into 2 separate tools through a sliding system.
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5 pc BBQ set with 3 stainless steel accessories (fork, shovel and clip) with wooden handle, one glove and a polyester apron.
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Dila 3 dalių virtuvės rinkinys

Dila 3 dalių virtuvės rinkinys Virtuvės komplektą sudaro prijuostė, orkaitės pirštinė, krosnies pirštinė ir medžiaginis krepšys. Yra juodos ir pilkos spalvos. 65% poliesteris, 35% medvilnė.
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Bif steak cutlery set

8-piece steak cutlery set with 4 steak knives (21.2 x 2 cm) and 4 steak forks (19.8 x 2.1 cm). A must-have for the weekend gourmet dinners for cutting the steak in style. The handles are made of bamboo that is sourced and produced following sustainable standards.
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Sedum picnic blanket

Striped 140 g/m2 water-resistance blanket, perfect for a picnic in the park with family or friends. The blanket can be rolled up for easy storage, and with the included handle it's easy to carry.
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Sage picnic blanket

Striped 120 g/m2 water-resistance blanket, perfect for a picnic in the park with family or friends. The blanket can be rolled up for easy storage, and with the included handle it's easy to carry.

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