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Mills bike seat cover

Reusable, lightweight seat cover with water resistant PU coating and elastic band to fit on most seats. .
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Tringtring aluminium bicycle bell

Notify fellow road users with this aluminium bicycle bell. It has a large decoration area, and is available in a wide variety of colours, making it a perfect gift also for the younger cyclists.
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Grinta tyre repair kit

Tyre repair kit containing 2 non-slip tyre levers, tyre rasp and 6 pre-glued patches to repair punctures. Comes in plastic case.
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Aer bicycle pump

A strong and sturdy bicycle pump with multiple air valves, and two holders to attach on a bicycle. Also suitable for inflatables. Delivered in a gift box.
Ideal helmet safety cover for cyclists that increases visibility. Made of high performance waterproof WP 600 lime fluorescent material with reflective film. Selected parameters are tested according to EN 13356:2001 Type 2.
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Skik mini bike pump

Convenient and lightweight mini bike pump, the companion you cannot leave without when going for a bike ride. It can also be used to inflate different sport accessories. The pump can be used on 'Schrader' or 'Presta' valves and is lockable. Comes with a mounting bracket and 2 extra valves to support inflating sport accessories.
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Wheelie bicycle repair kit

15-piece multi-tool with 2 tyre levers, grater, glue and stickers including pouch with reflective trim and 2 straps with hook & loop closure to attach to your bicycle.
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Hold aluminium bike bottle holder

Convenient and lightweight bottle or mug holder to be mounted on the bicycle handle, making it easy to stay hydrated when on a bike ride. Comes with a mounting bracket to fit on almost all handle bars (up to 2.5 cm circumference) and the inside is covered by foam allowing a firm grip without scratching your bottle or mug. The holder has an inner diameter...
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Mathieu bike bag with phone pocket

Small bike bag with transparent cover for your mobile phone, making it easy to navigate through traffic. The bag has a size of 18 x 10 x 8 cm and carries reflective markings on both sides to ensure maximum visibility. The bag has a separate pocket to hold any phone with a size up to 14 x 9 cm. The phone pocket has hook & loop closure to keep the phone...
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Adri triangular bike bag

Large triangular shaped bike bag with zipper. The bag has a size of 35.5 x 13.5 x 4 cm and carries reflective markings on both sides for maximum visibility. The bag has 3 strong and adjustable mounting pieces with hook & loop closure, to fixate on the bicycle rod and handle bar for maximum security of your personal belongings.

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